Author Rating: D

Pegasus In Space (read 12/7/11) Avoid

I love science fiction, and bad science fiction makes me very irritable.  Anne McCaffrey has managed to irritate me very much indeed.  It is doubly irritating because she has been so highly recommended by so many for so long and there has been so much high praise written about her after her recent death, but, in my opinion, it is all completely undeserved.  Her writing is terrible, her plots are juvenile, her characters are childish and the internal consistency is nonexistent.

If you value good writing, well conceived story lines, do not bother with the writings of Anne McCaffrey.

Beyond Between (read 7/24/12) Don’t Bother

This novelette published as one of five by various authors in the Legends II anthology did nothing to redeem my bad opinion of Anne McCaffrey but only reinforced it. Awful, awful writing. I just do not understand how McCaffrey has managed to get published at all, much less attract the readership she apparently has.