Author Rating: B+

Every Demon Has His Day (read 10/26/11) Recommended

This was a random pick from the library shelf that turned out to be terrific! This well-written, humorous, fast-paced story about a woman who discovers she’s a prophet who has to save the world by preventing Satan from fathering the anti-Christ after her husband is killed by a demon and everyone thinks she killed him. Reminiscent of Christopher Moore.

The only reason I gave Lockwood a B+ instead of an A was the lame final chapter.

Can’t Teach An Old Demon New Tricks (read 11/9/11) Recommended

This is a sequel to Every Demon Has His Day and again Lockwood does a good job although, as before, she doesn’t know when to put down the pen. The maudlin sappiness of the last chapter is unfortunately. My only other complaint is Lockwood dumbing-down Frank, a pug in the first book and a novice angel in this one.