Author Rating: C

Pirates of the Universe (read 9/22/11) recommended

Well, when I say “recommended” …

This was a pretty disappointing read, although I did finish it. At the time Mr. Bisson wrote this novel, he had some pretty serious issues with women. Only men could be space rangers, all the women were either sex objects or drudges. It’s too bad because the premise was pretty good. It’s set an unspecified time but presumably several hundred years in the future. Very, very large “creatures” appear near the moon periodically, and their “skin,” peeled off by rangers in space ships, is used as a source of energy. Earth no longer has oil or gas as it was all destroyed by an organism created to clean up spills.

In addition to Bisson’s disrespect for women, there were consistency and concept issues which were often annoying. Bisson is also the author of The Fifth Element.