July 2011

Author Rating: B+

Another Fine Myth (read 12/4/11) Recommended

First published in 1978, this is the first in Asprin’s long-running Myth series.  In the reality that Asprin creates, mythical creatures like devils and imps are actually from beings other dimensions, popping from one “world” to another through a variety of means, including being “summoned” by magicians.  Another Fine Myth is a clever, amusing and well written science fiction novel that leaves me looking forward to reading the next.

Myth Adventures series

  • Another Fine Myth (1978)
  • Myth Conceptions (1980)
  • Myth Directions (1982)
  • Hit or Myth (1983)
  • Myth-ing Persons (1984)
  • Little Myth Marker (1985)
  • M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link (1986)
  • Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections (1987)
  • M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action (1990)
  • Sweet Myth-tery of Life (1993)
  • Myth-Ion Improbable (2001) chronologically set between Myth Directions and Hit or Myth
  • Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. (2002)
  • Myth-told Tales (2003) with Jody Lynn Nye
  • Myth Alliances (2003) with Jody Lynn Nye
  • Myth-taken Identity (2004) with Jody Lynn Nye
  • Class Dis-Mythed (2005) with Jody Lynn Nye
  • Myth-Gotten Gains (2006) with Jody Lynn Nye
  • Myth-Chief (2008) with Jody Lynn Nye
  • Myth-Fortunes (2008) with Jody Lynn Nye

Duncan and Mallory series

  • Duncan and Mallory (1986) with Mel White
  • The Bar None Ranch (1987) with Mel White
  • The Raiders (1988) with Mel White

Phule’s Company series

  • Phule’s Company (1990)
  • Phule’s Paradise (1992)
  • A Phule and His Money (1999) with Peter J. Heck
  • Phule Me Twice (2000) with Peter J. Heck
  • No Phule Like an Old Phule (2004) with Peter J. Heck
  • Phule’s Errand (2006) with Peter J. Heck

Time Scout series

  • Time Scout (1995) with Linda Evans
  • Wagers of Sin (1995) with Linda Evans
  • Ripping Time (2000) with Linda Evans
  • The House that Jack Built (2000) with Linda Evans
  • License Invoked (February 2001) with Jody Lynn Nye

Cold Cash series

  • The Cold Cash War (1977)
  • Cold Cash Warrior (1989) with Bill Fawcett

Wartorn series

  • Resurrection (2004) with Eric Del Carlo
  • Obliteration (2006) with Eric Del Carlo

Griffen McCandles (Dragons) series

  • Dragons Wild (April 2008)
  • Dragons Luck (April 2009)
  • Dragons Deal (December 2010)(with Jody Lynn Nye )

Other Novels

  • Tambu (1979)
  • The Bug Wars (1979)
  • Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe (1979) with George Takei
  • Catwoman (1992) with Lynn Abbey
  • For King and Country (July 2002) with Linda Evans
  • E.Godz (March 2005) with Esther M Friesner
  • NO Quarter (October 2009) with Eric Del Carlo and Teresa Patterson

Selected short fiction

  • “The Ex-Khan” in Angels in Hell (1987), part of the Heroes in Hell series
  • “Two Gentlemen of the Trade” in Festival Moon (1987), part of the Merovingen Nights series
  • “A Harmless Excursion” in Smugglers Gold (1988), also from Merovingen Nights
  • “Mything in Dreamland” with Jody Lynn Nye in Masters of Fantasy (2004), part of the Myth series

Thieves’ World series (Editor)

  • Thieves’ World (1979)
  • Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (1980)
  • Shadows of Sanctuary (1981)
  • Storm Season (1982)
  • The Face of Chaos (1983)
  • Wings of Omen (1984)
  • The Dead of Winter (1985)
  • Soul of the City (1986)
  • Blood Ties (1986)
  • Aftermath (1987)
  • Uneasy Alliances (1988)
  • Stealers’ Sky (1989)

Other writing

The Capture, cartoon slide show written by Asprin and illustrated by Phil Foglio; nominated for a 1976 Hugo Award


Author Rating: C

Too High (read 7/14/11) Meh

I picked this up in the library because of the cover and checked it out because the back cover blurb compared Hirschfeld favorably to Carl Hiaasen and Donald E. Westlake, the latter being one of my favorite authors. Unfortunately, Hirschfeld fails to live up to that praise. While the novel is competent to a degree, there were too many threads that can’t bear up under the weight of reality.

Author Rating: A

John Adams (recommended, read 6/29/11)

What a terrific read this is!

I was really surprised at how much I did not know about the American revolution and its aftermath, particularly the fact that, although George Washington is known as the Father of Our Country, without John Adams it is unlikely the Revolution would have happened.

John Adams, signer of the Constitution and second president of the United States. Lithograph of an original painting by Stuart Gilbert.

Jefferson brought the words, Washington led the army, but Adams made those two things happen. Without John Adams, there would be no America as we know it.

The volume also contains an extensive index and bibliography, both of which are valuable reference tools for further study.

A must read for every American.