Author Rating: A+

The Man In My Basement (read 11/21/09) recommended

What a wonderful book! My only complaint is how well everything works out in the end. Most people like Charles Blakey do not have their lives work out so satisfactorily. I can testify to that. But read this book anyway for the questions it raises about good and evil, justice and morality.

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned (read 12/10/09) recommended

Wow. Mosley is a terrific writer. This novel is a group of short stories, many of which were originally published in a variety of magazines and other publications, about a man by the name of Socrates Fortlow who is struggling to make sense of the world and his place in it. Mosley provides the reader insight into what it means to be black in America, but it’s more than that. Fortlow’s journey is that of everyman.

Black Betty (read 3/11/10) recommended

Wow, Walter Mosely does it again. This is a terrific mystery set in Los Angeles in 1961. Easy Rawlins is hired to find a woman who he had known when he was a young kid, but the people who want her found don’t want him asking questions.

As well as being a terrific mystery, this is also historical fiction, providing the reader with some insight into what life was like in the early 1960s.

RL’s Dream (read 4/20/10) recommended

A singular event in a person’s life can make them or break them. Atwood “Soupspoon” Wise has lived a long life, the highlight of which was learning to play the blues with the great Robert Leroy Johnson. He’s been evicted from his apartment because he’s sick and fell behind on his rent but can’t handle living in a shelter so he goes back to his old apartment. The landlord has him and his stuff unceremoniously dumped on the sidewalk on a cold evening, but a young woman Kiki who lives in the same building takes him in and jeopardizes her job at a health insurance company by falsifying records to get him insurance coverage so he can get treatment for what turns out to be cancer. Another delightful and thought-provoking novel from a talented writer.

Fear of the Dark (read 6/11/10) recommended

Another wonderful mystery novel by Mosely, this one featuring Fearless Jones and Paris Minton. Minton’s aunt Three Hearts arrives in LA from Louisiana because her son and Minton’s cousin Ulysses — “Useless” to many — is missing and she wants her nephew to find him. Useless has gotten himself deep into blackmail and someone is murdering many of those with whom he was working. Minton and Fearless have to not just find Useless but figure out who’s behind it all and stop them before Minton’s fear of being murdered himself is realized. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that I reached the last page too soon.

A Little Yellow Dog (read 1/15/11) recommended

This is one of Mosley’s Easy Rawlins mysteries, published in 1996. Although not as compelling as some of his other novels, it’s a good read.

The Long Fall (read 3/10/2013) recommended

Leonid McGill is a New York detective with a lot of problems but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting to the bottom of whatever problem presents itself.