Author Rating: A+

Travels With My Aunt (read 9/16/09) recommended

Absolutely wonderful story. Amazingly — to me — this is the first Greene novel I have read, and I will most certainly go looking for more.

This one is about a stodgy bank manager who has his life turned upside down by his elderly aunt, who may in fact be his mother.

First published in 1969.

Our Man In Havana (read 11/20/09) recommended

James Wormold is a British vacuum cleaner dealer in Havana, Cuba. Business isn’t very good because the electric service is becoming unreliable, and he’s worried because he has a 16-year-old daughter to provide for. When a British secret-service agent offers him an opportunity to supplement his income by acting as a spy, he accepts, but what does he know about being a spy?

Another terrific novel from Graham Greene. First published in 1958.

The Shipwrecked (read 11/20/09) recommended

Oh, my word. I am left gob-smacked at the end of this, Greene’s fourth novel. In it, Greene demonstrates how we are all shipwrecked in life. Anthony Farrant’s twin sister Kate, personal secretary to a Swedish industrialist named Krogh, tries to rescue him by bringing him to Stockholm and getting him a job with her boss, but Anthony’s desire to go back to London unleashes a storm that proves his undoing.

The first half of the book has an unusual narrative style that sets the emotional stage for the rest.