Author Rating: D

Three To Get Deadly (read 5/23/09) AVOID

I listened to the first CD of the recorded book, read by “actress,director, poet, playwright, and performance artist,” C.J. Critt, and found myself screaming and begging for Evanovich to just move the freaking story along already.

In the first hour of the ten hour recording all we learn is that “Mo Bedemier, Trenton’s most beloved citizen,” is missing. Over and over and over we learned that. For an hour plus.

Published in 1997, I would like to think that Evanovitch has possibly grown as a writer over the past ten plus years but somehow I doubt that she has changed enough to make it worth your while reading any of her books. I certainly will not be making a second attempt.

As for the narrator, it is hard to imagine a worse reading. She sounds like she is reading a grocery list. Absolutely horrible.