Author Rating: A

Starlight 1 (read 5/17/09) recommended

Don’t wave off this collection of short stories put together by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, published in 1996, because they are labeled as “science fiction.” Few involve outer space, all are well written, many took my breath away.

Someone gets the bright idea to replace workers with zombies.

Only the Crazy Water Man can truly hear her.

The source of Emily Dickinson’s vision revealed.

Historical fiction of science.

The future tries to steal the present.

England is a land of magic.

The life saving qualities of validation.

To me, this is the only unsatisfying story in the book. A woman has sex with a man in her office.

I struggled to understand this story.

This one was also difficult for me to understand because I lack any real knowledge of Shakespeare and Greek tragedies, but what I did understand made me queasy.

Re-drawing the world.

People are just not very nice.