Author Rating: A

Farewell Summer (read 5/16/09) recommended

According to the postscript at the end, this short novel was originally part of Bradbury’s 1957 semi-autobiographical novel Dandelion Wine, which I had read and liked very much back in the 1970s. Both are set in the fictional town of Green Town, Illinois. The action in the first book takes place during the summer of 1928, the second begins on October 1st 1928. Douglas Spaulding, his brother Tom and their friends don’t want summer to be over, they don’t want to grow old. It’s a story about the beginning of understanding.

I listened to — and very much enjoyed — the Recorded Book edition, read by Robert Fass. Three and a half hours in length, it fits perfectly into a summer afternoon.

Fahrenheit 451 (read 1970s) recommended

A frightening vision of the future which in some ways has already come true. Books are burned, ignorance is celebrated.

The Martial Chronicles (read 1970s) recommended

Stories written by Bradbury in the 1940s about life on Mars, some funny, some scary, all of them well worth your time.

Something Wicked This Way Comes (read 1970s) recommended

I remember being actually frightened reading this short novel about two boys and the “dark carnival” that arrives in their town.

The Illustrated Man (read 1970s) recommended

First published in 1951, this is a remarkable collection of 18 short science fiction stories told through the moving tattoos on a man’s body.

A Medicine for Melancholy and Other Stories (read 1970s) recommended

More great short science fiction stories.