Author Rating: A

Royal Highness (read 1980s) Highly recommended

A wonderful story about a prince who tries to do the right thing.

The Black Swan(read 1980s) Highly recommended

Breathtaking story written from the point of view of a woman at a crossroad in her life.

Transposed Heads: A Legend of India(read 1980s) Highly recommended

Sita of the beautiful hips, daughter of the cattle-breeder Sumantra of the warrior caste has a problem. She loves two men, one for his mind, the other for his body. Which one is actually her husband?

Magic Mountain (read 1980s) AVOID

The single most overrated book in the history of literature.

Death In Venice (read 1980s) Meh.

I think it is so unfortunate for the reading public that Magic Mountain is pretty much the only book by Mann that they ever hear about. I have tried to finish it several times but it is one of the most excruciatingly boring books ever published. Death In Venice is only a hair better.