Author Rating: A

“All You Zombies …” (read 1/3/2014) Recommended

This short story, first published in 1959, involves a number of paradoxes caused by time travel. See also Fredric Brown‘s short story Hall of Mirrors for another take on time travel paradoxes.

Friday (read 5/07) Recommended

I liked this one a lot. Friday is an engineered superbeing trained as a secret courier through which Heinlein explores politics, authority, bigotry and hope.

Waldo and Magic Inc. (read 6/07) Recommended

Stranger In A Strange Land (read 1970s) Recommended

If you haven’t read it and consider yourself a fan of science fiction, you should. Valentine Michael Smith was born during the only manned flight to Mars and is its only survivor. Raised by Martians, he is brought to Earth where he discovers what it is to be human.