Author Rating: A

Glass Soup (read 7/31/07) Highly recommended

White Apples (read 8/12/07) Highly recommended

Sleeping In Flame (read 1980s) Highly recommended

Outside The Dog Museum
(read 1980s) Highly recommended

I would say this is Carroll’s most accessible.

After Silence (read 1980s) Highly recommended

Black Cocktail (read 1980s) Recommended

I would say this is Carroll’s least accessible.

Kissing The Beehive (read 8/20/07) Recommended

The Marriage of Sticks (read 2/11/08) Recommended

It is difficult to adequately describe Carroll’s novels. They are all explorations of life, what it means to be human, what it means to love another person and the difficulty in distinguishing between what is actual and what exists only in our minds.