Author Rating: A

All of Hiaasen’s books are comic crime stories set in South Florida.

Skinny Dip (read 9/06) Recommended

An attractive heiress is tossed overboard from a cruise ship by her larcenous husband because he thinks she is onto his crooked dealings with a ruthless tycoon who is poisoning the Everglades

Tourist Season (read 10/06) Recommended

Someone is trying to kill Florida’s tourist trade in order to stop the state’s irresponsible development policies and destruction of the environment. It’s funnier than it sounds.

Sick Puppy (read 11/06) Recommended

Budding young ecoterrorist Twilly Spree begins a campaign of sabotage against a grotesque litterbug named Palmer Stoat and gets more than he bargained for.

Lucky You (read 11/06) Recommended

There are two winning tickets for a lottery pot of $14 million. JoLayne Lucks is the owner of one of those tickets. She wants to use her winnings to rescue a local plot of swampland from a strip mall developer, but Bode Gazzer and his sidekick, Chubb, holders of the other ticket, want all the money so they can fund the White Clarion Aryans before NATO takes over America with a handicapped parking sticker scam.

Strip Tease (read 11/06) Recommended

I was reluctant to read this one after having lived through all the hype of the movie starring Demi Moore, but it was better than I expected. A stripper and a cop get together to trap a corrupt politician.

Stormy Weather (read 12/06) Recommended

A story of tourists, native Floridians, scam artists, and insurance adjusters in the wake of a hurricane.

Flush (read 2007) Recommended

One man’s fight against illegal dumping of raw sewage into the Florida waters becomes a family affair.

Double Whammy (read 2007) Recommended

A TV host who is cheating in order to win fortunes in Florida bass-fishing tournaments and a preacher who sponsors said TV host and whose generous supporters don’t know that he’s addicted to prostitutes, profanity and land-grabbing find their schemes come unraveled when private detective R. J. Decker takes the case.

Hoot (read 2007) Recommended

Hiaasen’s first novel for young readers, this is another humorous ecological mystery set in South Florida.

Native Tongue (read 2007) Recommended

A corrupt real estate developer wants to build an 18-hole golf course on North Key Largo. An investigative reporter reduced to writing PR releases for a sleazy theme park intervenes.

Basket Case (read 2007) Recommended

A onetime hotshot investigative reporter demoted to the obituary page thinks that the death of Jimmy Stoma, the infamous front man for Jimmy and the Slut Puppies, may not have been an accident.

Nature Girl (read 7/17/11) Recommended

A good read but lacks the drive of Hiaasen’s other books. Where the rest deal with the evils of real estate development and/or environmental depredation, this one is about a woman who is tired of incivility, specifically telemarketers who call at dinner time, and decides to do something about it.