Author Rating: A

Staring At The Sun (read 1990s) Highly recommended

A brilliant novel about love, truth and mortality, set in post-war England.

Metroland (read 1990s) Recommended

Barnes’ first published novel is a short, semi-autobiographical story of Christopher, a young man from the London suburbs who travels to Paris as a student, finally returning to London. It deals with themes of idealism and sexual fidelity.

Before She Met Me (read 1990s) Highly recommended

A story of revenge by a jealous historian who becomes obsessed by his second wife’s past. “Wow” pretty much covers it.

Flaubert’s Parrot (read 1990s) Recommended

A fragmentary biographical narrative of an elderly doctor, Geoffrey Braithwaite, who focuses obsessively on the life of Gustave Flaubert.

A History Of The World In 10-1/2 Chapters (read 1990s) Recommended

A non-linear novel which questions the perceived notions of human history and knowledge itself.

Talking It Over (not yet read)

A contemporary love triangle, in which the three characters take turns to talk to the reader, reflecting over common events.

Love, Etc. (not yet read)

Revisits the characters in Talking It Over ten years later.

The Porcupine (not yet read)

A novel about the trial of a fictional former Communist dictator.

England, England (not yet read)

A satire on Britishness and the culture of tourism

Cross Channel (not yet read)

A collection of 10 short stories charting Britain’s relationship with France.

The Lemon Table (not yet read)

Eleven short stories about life and death.