Plum Pie, published in 1966, is a collection of stories:

Jeeves and the Greasy Bird (To help out a chum, Bertie hires an actress to play his finance)

Sleep Time (a golf themed story)

Sticky Wicket at Blandings (Lord Emsworth must steal a dog from a neighbour)

Ukridge Starts a Bank Account (Ukridge tries his hand at selling antiques)

Bingo Bans the Bomb (Bingo Little concocts a plan to prove he was arrested)

Stylish Stouts (Bingo’s financial future rests on his rather rotund relatives)

George and Alfred (Mr Mulliner relates the sad tale of his twin nephews)

A Good Cigar is a Smoke (To wed the girl of dreams, Lancelot Bingley must give up smoking)

Life with Freddie (novella length tale of Freddie Threepwood’s efforts to sell dog biscuits and help out his friends)

Interspersed between the stories are Wodehouse’s (“Our Man in America”) comments on American news. The book ends with two poems, “Time Like an Ever-rolling Stream” and “Printer’s Error,” and a brief essay on humor.

Author Rating: A